Term Deposit Savings Calculator

This powerful term deposit calculator will calculate what the future value of your term deposit investment will be after your chosen period by taking into account both New Zealand tax on interest earned as well as variable interest rates and varying compounding frequency. By taking into account the tax on interest earnings and the likelihood of a fluctuating interest rate over time this calculator will provide a more accurate set of results than alternatives. Different banks and financial institutes have varying interest compounding frequencies which this calculator also takes into account to best mirror your situation.

Investment term in years


Investment starting amount


Annual tax rates

Tax interest earnings?

Income tax rate

Optional additional deposits

Deposit amount (DA)


Deposit frequency (DF)

Additional annual deposits


Interest options

Annual interest rate (i.e. 2.25%)


Fixed or variable interest rates over term?

Min Rate


Max Rate


Average rate given


Interest compounding frequency

Earnings summary

Interest earned after tax


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